Last week as  Houston Personal Trainer, I wrote about asking yourself why you may not be reaching your goals.  Hopefully you had a chance to dig deep and figure out what that missing link might be.

This week I want to change gears.

Having gone through my own journey, I know how frustrating it can be when you were expecting a significant change and only experienced a small one. You beat yourself up and walk away with your head hung low.

I want you to commit to yourself that you will never feel that way again. I want you to promise yourself that each forward step you take, you celebrate.

Learn to celebrate choosing the healthy dish over the one loaded with calories.

Learn to celebrate going to class on a Saturday instead of sleeping in.

Learn to celebrate each pound you lose, not just when you lose 5.

Learn to celebrate waking up with more energy.

Learn to celebrate you.

When you celebrate those baby steps, you gain confidence to make the giant steps!

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