All right, Body3 family!

Time to get real and honest while keeping it light about what we, as trainers, are really thinking about when we train you.

I won’t divulge everything, that could get me kicked out of the club, but I will reveal my top two thoughts!

So put on your big girl panties and take it with a grain of salt . . . sea salt that is!

Firstand most importantwe are not judging you and we don’t think you’re fat, lazy, or weak. We take our role very seriously and we understand how hard it was to step foot in the gym and make a commitment to change your life. We think you’re brave, willful, and human like the rest of us. Even though we may look like we have it all together, we too have to practice daily making good decisions about nutrition and health. Just remember no one’s perfect, and we are literally all in this thing together. Open yourself up to us and let us help you train your mind and body so that you can find a balance that serves your goals and dreams.

Second, what gets us frustrated? When you got all the way to the gym, at the crack of dawn, paid us your hard earned money, and your effort isn’t there in the workout. We spend a lot of time thinking about you guys and trying to put together a program that pushes and challenges you without killing you. It’s a very fine line to ridekeeping it fun yet effective.

As trainers we want nothing more than to help you hit and clobber all of your goals. We love to show you that you can have and deserve the healthy body you want!

We put so much pressure on ourselves to get you the results that you want but we need you to be present, engaged and ready for the challenge. Change your mindset on your way here with music, pep talks, or simply reminding yourself of your goals. We can’t do it for you and there is no secret we’re not telling you. If you want to change your body, you have to change your mind.

In other words, come in ready to work!

Be OK with getting sweaty, tired, and maybe even a little broken. You will recover, but you won’t be the same. You still be youonly stronger.  Visit Houston’s best personal trainers  at to see how we can be there for you!

—Erica Calvery