I’ve had an interesting argument with a fitness colleague of mine from the UK.

Let me explain.

I explained to him that I’m a bit confused with the fitness industry and his particular programme (that’s the English spelling).  He puts together random workouts which seem very interesting and could definitely make someone tired.

But then when I asked him why his clients hired him, he said, “They wanted great workouts.”

Really?  Did they really wake up in the morning and say, I want to buy some workouts today?  This Houston Personal Trainer disagrees 100%.

I disagree probably because when I was overweight, with high blood pressure and high cholesterol, I didn’t wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and say, “I should buy some workouts today.”  In fact, I remember the day very clearly.  It was after a night out, a big meal, big drinks, and when I literally rolled out of bed and looked in the mirror, I saw an image I was not very proud of.  In fact, I was rather disgusted with how I had let myself go.  Months of fast food, ice cream, and donuts do NOT do a body good.

I remember saying to myself, “I need to lose fat, I need to get healthy, and I need to not be fat anymore.”

I wanted a result!

When a new client comes to my Houston fitness center, the first thing this Houston Personal Trainer does is sit down with them and figure out what their goals are.  Then, behind the scenes, our fitness professionals devise a plan of action including Nutrition, Strength Training, and Cardiovascular activities to help our client reach their goal and to obtain a certain result.


Anyone can work out, but how many will produce the result YOU want?

Currently I’m looking for 2 subjects to try out a new workout program which has been very popular with professional athletes.  It’s called HRV Training (Heart Rate Variability).  Basically, by using a heart rate monitor 3 minutes a day, we can see what kind of training you need that particular day.  This is very important because if your body (and heart in particular) isn’t ready for an intensive workout, it’s going to reject it and you won’t get the results you want.  Just like the saying, “Is your heart in it?” . . . now we can see for sure!

Better Results in Less Time

I’ve been doing research and found the tools that will make this possible, but now I need 2 people who will work with me to “test” it out.  I will provide the heart rate strap, the application, and the tools.  You will need an iPod, iPhone, or iPad and install the application (which I will pay for).

You just need to register for our Private Training Program for at least 3 months, 3 times per week.  And I’ll even give you a discount for that!

If you are interested in participating in my study, please call me at 713-864-1231.  Tell Stephen or Ruben you want to speak with me about the HRV program.

 –Tom Jackobs