I have written about this subject before and recently discussed it in my goal-setting series. But I want to dive a little deeper in the importance of the “why.”

I speak to people about their goals all the time and I usually have to stop and ask why; that question usually stops people in their tracks. They have to think about it, and they are sometimes not really sure why. Then they start talking and, before I know it, they are crying, overwhelmed with thoughts, and then I hear about other family members.  Many times it is about self-esteem issues they have had since they were children.

Our “why” is what drives us. We may not recognize it at first, or even acknowledge it until someone brings it to our attention, but it’s there like a dark secret.

When we finally acknowledge our why and make that connection to our goals, desires, and needs, something magical happens. Suddenly we decide whether what we are doing is supporting that why, is distracting us from that why, or if our why is “off.”

If we ignore that why our actions and inaction will be left to chance. We will never quite understand how to get to our goals, or why getting to them is so important.

So try something for me . . .

Think about your health and fitness right now. Assess how it currently looks and what you want it to look like. If you are overweight, what weight do you want to be? If your nutrition is terrible what do you want it to look like?

Then take a moment, be honest here, and determine why being a certain weight is important to you. Why do you want to be a certain size? What need does being that size meet?

Is becoming a certain size going to bring happiness to you and answer that why? Or is it band-aiding a bigger issue? What is that bigger issue?

These are tough questions and most trainers are not going to take time to make you answer them . . . but we do. We understand you will never get to your goals until you take time to answer these and come face to face with your real why.

Quite wasting your money on fad diets, bad training, and exercise videos. Give the best training studio in Houston a call today at (713) 864-1231 or complete our free consultation form here.  Make an appointment to speak to us about your “why,” and finally figure out how to reach your goals.

—Cassandra Gaudet