Day 8 of the 21-Day Challenge brings me an important realization I think…a realization that most of my weight loss (if not all) in Week 1 was as a result of changing my food intake. It was a result of changing my nutrition.

Nutrition is the one thing that the folks at Body3 Fitness really preach about. Good nutrition is a part of a healthy body, and it’s the key to weight loss.

Given that I was only able to get in 3-4 workouts in the last week I am pretty much assured that my weight loss was due to nutrition. To me that’s good! Now I know I can amp up the workouts and probably lose more, faster.

I have to realize though that my schedule is a busy one and amping up the workouts will be tough, but not impossible. I will certainly do my part to get more workouts in – and more intense workouts in – but I have to be realistic and remember to focus on a well balanced approach to my fitness goals.

2_Salmon and Sweet Potato_Preparing the Salmon

Part of a well-balanced approach to achieving my fitness goals is making lasting changes in my diet. An impactful way to do that is to include variety in it, making it more enjoyable and keeping those taste buds happy. Often, and due to that busy schedule of mine, I stick to very easy, similar meals just to get the food in. And that’s okay for me most of the time, but sometimes you just want something different. Know what I mean?

So today I made some time to try out some of the recipes in the 21-Day Challenge guide.

I just had to go for that Salmon with Sweet Potato Chips (p 81) option that Tom and some of our other fellow 21-Day Challengers spoke of at the Kick Start meeting. Let me just say I am now a fan of home made sweet potato chips. I see a lot of those in my future! The salmon was scrumptious and the meal was easy to make.

I shot some pictures to go along with the recipe in hopes that it might help others who are time challenged like I am – creating a bit of a visual ‘how to’. They are a part of this blog.

I also cooked an extra salmon portion so that I can try the Salmon, Avocado and Tomato Salad (p 81). No pictures for this one, but much anticipation to try out this recipe abounds! It calls for salmon that ha

3_Salmon and Sweet Potato_Cooking the Salmons been cooked and then cooled in the refrigerator. By cooking the extra piece today, I’m all set to make this easy salad in the next day or so.

Lessons and realizations continue on this journey: keep up the nutrition and lose weight; amp up the exercise and lose more; add variety and keep it going.

Sounds like a plan. So that IS my plan, and I’m stickin’ to it!

-Your Body3 Fitness 21-day Challenge Friend, Christy Stratton