Today, and to continue my honesty and transparency, I feel like I want to give up. I want to give up on the Challenge and on just about everything. I know I won’t, but I feel like I want to give up.

Ever felt that way? I think we all have at some point. At least I want to think that so that I’m not alone in feeling like I want to give up.

I’m not sure what changed to make me wake up and feel like I want to give up today. One thing I do think that may be different today than other days is that I’m really, really tired. I usually have a lot of energy, and I have felt tired before of course. Today, I feel extra tired.

It might be because it was a stormy night and the power went out so my sleep was interrupted. It might be because I got to bed way too late as I’m hustling and bustling to get everything complete and ready before I go out of town.

Or the feeling of being tired now might be because of this: I just discovered a lump on my four-legged, furry kiddo. My little sidekick, sweet Chihuahua, Pasha. (Yes, she is a sweet Chihuahua!)

Since discovering it this morning I felt a wave of stress come over my body. My breathing shortened, my stomach knotted, and I feel like tears are about to flow from my eyes. And I feel tired.

Now I don’t know if this lump is anything to worry about, and I’m doing what I need to do to check into it (I made a vet appointment for her right away.). But boy does stress have an effect on the body, on energy levels, and the mind! I don’t like to admit it, but it does!

If we allow it, stress can create havoc in our lives and distract us from fulfilling our goals. Right now I could allow the stress to overcome me and crawl back into bed and give into the tears. Or I can make the choice to do the things I know that can help me work through the stress. Breathing is one. Deep breathing! (Heard that before? Hint: Day 4)

I can also get out a take a walk. A business colleague and friend of mine just called and the conversation helped take my mind off of the feelings I have. Praying. Calling someone to give of yourself and time. Writing and journaling (Writing right now is a huge help!).These all can help. And getting realistic helps – see the situation for what it really is. Often we make more out of what we think than what is really there. Ever hear that 99.9% of what we worry about never happens? It’s true. And even taking a little time to just feel the feelings – shed those tears – can help. Whatever works for you can help. You just have to stop, and do what works.

Stress is a choice. Worry is a choice. Think about it.

We can choose to wallow, and give up, or we can choose to do the things that work for us to help us see reality. Help us get out of the stress and worry. And help us know for sure that we will not give up!

I will not give up!

-Your Body3 Fitness 21-day Challenge Friend, Christy Stratton

(PS – Pasha is ok at this time. The lump is a common ‘fatty’ cyst. We’ll monitor it and if it grows, it may have to be removed. Praying for the best for my little girl!)