Many years ago my brother gave me a sweet gift. I bet he doesn’t know how sweet it was – and still is!

If I remember correctly it was the summer I started college. He was finishing up at the same college. (The University of Texas at Austin. – Yes, I had to share that. I bleed orange! Really!)

He worked out at a gym and that gym had a summer special – 3 months for $99. My birthday falls just at the beginning of summer. He gave me that summer special for my birthday. What was most sweet about it is the words that came along with it, “If you don’t move the weight, the weight won’t move.”

I’ve always struggled with my weight and body image. For as long as I can remember I felt uncomfortable with my weight and body image. I’ve often held on to that extra 15 lbs that just make me feel, well heavy in my body, in my spirit and in my energy. The times when I’ve lost those 15 lbs, I’ve felt light in my body, spirit and energy.

It wasn’t until the fall of 2011 when I embarked on exercise through a bootcamp that I realized how sweet the gift my brother gave me was, and more importantly how sweet the words were.

“If you don’t move the weight, the weight won’t move.” (I possibly didn’t think the words were that sweet then, but 21 years later, they are very sweet to me. I see it now as a very caring gift and very caring words from a very caring brother. And the words now are very impactful to me.)

In the fall of 2011 I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and I decided that enough is enough. Let’s kick some booty. I did. And I saw that in order to get fit you actually do have to move that booty.

Body3 Fitness encourages fitness and weight loss through nutrition (80%) and exercise (20%). And that’s true. It’s also true that you have to move the body to get that 20% in.

It takes a combination. And it takes commitment.

For years I fumbled around the gym, got kinda fit sometimes, but then returned to that extra 15 lbs and feeling heavy. It was in 2011 through my bootcamp experience and the results I saw from really exercising that the words my brother gifted me rang true. And today they ring truer.

We have to get real. The weight isn’t going to move with just words or just talking about it. The weight isn’t going to move by just focusing on nutrition. The weight isn’t going to move with wishes.

We have to get up and move. “If you don’t move the weight, the weight won’t move.”  It’s as simple as that.


-Your Body3 Fitness 21-day Challenge Friend, Christy Stratton