Continuing the spirit of May’s Mother’s Day and June’s Father’s Day, Body3 Fitness is asking sons and daughters to invite their fathers and mothers to start an exercise program with them.

Mother’s Day is in May.  Father’s Day is in June.  Both are important days to celebrate motherhood and fatherhood, maternal and paternal bonds and the influence of mothers and fathers in society.  So why not carry that tradition on all year round?   In recognition of the important role parents play in our lives Tom Jackobs, owner of Body3 Fitness, is launching a “Work Out with Your Parents” special in July.

Senior Couple Exercising In Park“Children model what they see—especially when it comes to their parents who are significant role models for their children. We felt this was an opportunity for parents to not only role model the importance of exercising, but a way for kids to spend more time with their parents and strengthen the bond they feel with them,”  says Jackobs.

“No matter what the age, most people can generally use more exercise and an exercise partner always helps people stick with it.  What we’ve done is put together a workout that people can do whether they’re 91 or 9.  This program does account for the fact that there will be varying ages and abilities, therefore it is focused on keeping in motion, and allows flexibility for exercises which may be too strenuous for some such as weight lifting.”

To take advantage, all someone has to do is bring their father or mother (or both) to Body3 Fitness at 3562 W TC Jester Boulevard and they’ll qualify for the “Work Out with Your Parents” 2 for 1 special.

“We recognize that some people’s father or mother may have passed on.  If that’s the case, they can bring an uncle or aunt or someone who represents a parental figure in their life and still qualify for the special.” says Jackobs. “What we’re trying to do here more than anything else is produce the type of good feelings and strong emotions that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day represent around the globe.”

Jackobs says there are six key reasons people should consider working out with a parent:

  1. Extra motivation and encouragement.  There is no better example of love and support than between sons and daughters and their parents.
  2. Meaningful bonding.  Life is busy.  Sometimes you don’t get to see the people in your life who mean the most to you.  This is a way to strengthen that unbreakable bond.
  3. It’s a way of saying “thank you.” Caring about someone’s health is a great way to show someone you love them.
  4. You’ll (all) meet new friends.  When you get older, your social circle tends to shrink.  This is a fun and easy way for you or your parents to expand your social circle.
  5. Establish lifelong habits.  It’s never too late to exercise.  And it’s never too late to incorporate exercise into your life on a permanent basis.

“A card and a gift are great on Mother’s or Father’s Day,” says Jackobs. “But ask any parent what they would really like and my guess is they’d say more time with their children.  This July we’re inviting people to create some special family memories in a fun, positive environment.”

Contact Body3 Fitess at its W TC Jester Boulevard location to reserve your spot.