officechairI read a great business book called “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill a few years back. If you haven’t read it, I would highly suggest it.

It’s a pretty deep book and there are a lot of take-aways, but suffice to say one of my biggest take-aways was the idea that we need to spend time thinking about where we want to be or go.

I think we are really good about this when we think about the house we want or the car we would love to drive . . . but rarely do we spend the time to think about what we want our lives to look like when we achieve our health and fitness goals.

What does your day look like? What do your energy levels look like? What do you find fun? What type of clothing are you wearing? What size are you? Do you finally go to the beach in a bathing suit instead of a cover-up?

I would imagine if we took more time to think about those things—start pondering the image of ourselves we want—and make it concrete, we would be surprised at how much easier it would be to achieve those goals with personal training in Houston.

Often we get comfortable with where we are at and have ambiguous goals that leave nothing to the imagination.

Start really taking time to think about what you want to look like. What you want to do with your new body and energy?

Still having a tough time doing that? Give the experts for personal training in Houston a call at (713) 864-1231 or visit our website to talk to someone about creating that new image. Let us help you define your personal training in Houston goals and help you achieve them!

—Cassandra Gaudet

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