In case you wondered what people do in retirement…

   The guy in the back of the kayak is my father.  He just turned 73 and my mom just turned 72 (shhh don’t tell them I told you their ages.)

This is a picture from their recent trip to Antarctica for a marathon.  Umm yes you read that correctly a marathon… well my dad did the half marathon and my mom did the the full marathon.   CaaaRAZY!!

This is retirement “fun” for them.  Have they always been active like this?  Not at all, my mom didn’t start getting active until her 50s.  My dad was always pretty active, he used to bike to work every day when I was growing up.

It’s because they chose to be active.  I’m convinced that they wouldn’t be doing a tenth of the stuff they do now if it weren’t for the fact that they were active in their younger days.

Heck, my dad builds houses now for Habitat for Humanity and my mom coaches race walkers.

Needless to say, I’m really proud of my parents and how they’ve taken care of themselves.  It pushes me to continue to take care of myself and help others to take care of themselves too.

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