when life throws curve balls


Life has a way of consistently throwing you curve balls. Once you get through with one, another is usually waiting for you. Not all of them are bad, but they are usually unexpected. The trick is to keep doing what you are doing and not letting that curve ball get you off track.

When life throws you a curve ball, consider this:
1. Follow through with your priorities at all costs.

2. Stick to your core values regardless of how difficult.

3. Cling to your family and those you love.

4. Make time for yourself and don’t feel bad about it.

It’s easy to stop doing the things that give life meaning when unexpected problems hit you. It takes effort to maintain your workout routine or quality time with your family. You still have to deal with the pressing issues, but don’t allow them to take over your life.
So next time you get a curve ball, and you will, reflect on the four things mentioned above and don’t lose sight of what’s really important! If you’d like to chat about your goals and how to find new strategies, go to my website and request a consultation at www.body3fit.com/fitnessconsult. A new perspective could change everything.