getting off track


Can I tell you a dirty little secret that most fitness professionals won’t ever share?  It’s easy to get off track sometimes! Even for those of us who love to workout and eat healthy most of the time. It starts off small. Maybe a couple of nights where you ate more than you should have or had a few too many glasses of wine. But it was all ok because you were just having a bad week and would get back on it next week.  Then you missed a workout and then two but you thought, as soon as work slows down or the kids get through this or that, I will jump back in with both feet, head first. Finally, you jumped on the scale and noticed you have gained 3lbs but ‘it’s only 3lbs’ right? You can easily get that off with some dieting and when you get back to the gym. Fast forward a month or two and jumping back on the wagon becomes harder and harder and….well….harder.

Now, I have written blogs on how hard it can be to get results and stick with health and fitness so this isn’t what this is about. This is about you not letting yourself go too far before you are losing a lot ground. Having a bad week or missing a workout will almost always happen. Life happens! But you HAVE to jump back into it right away, even if it’s tough because it will be a lot tougher the further you get away from it. Don’t wait until you are starting over from scratch.

So what…you had a bad week last week. It doesn’t mean you have to have another bad week. Don’t let the snowball of life take you under before you realize you have lost all the progress you worked so hard for!  We know sometimes that is easier said than done, so we want you to know that we are here to help get you back on track or help you start over. We believe in you and believe you can do this!