As I sit here pondering on what I am going to write about, I have about a dozen things running through my head. We have so much going on right now.

Congratulations to our Take Down Challenge winners Anthony and Sandy Trevino! This husband and wife duo kicked butt and lost over 30lbs together!

We have our FMS (Functional Movement Screen) clinic this Wednesday (June 29th) at 6:30pm. We only have room and trainers to work with 20 people. The sign-up sheet is right by the door of the main entry. Don’t delay in signing-up!

This is our last week of the MyZone challenge. We will have two 1st prize winners (since Jennifer Martinez is not human) so keep pushing to get your points in!

Christmas in June-July is in full swing! Keep checking your emails every day for a special deal just for that day.

olympicThe Olympics are right around the corner and we have a special Olympic program for you where you can win cool prizes! If you are interested in learning more, come check-in with one of us to get your Olympic card!

I think that is it, but you may get a random email from me with more info (lol). Keep be amazing guys! Let’s continue to make this ‘The Year of Outstanding.’