aim high


I may or may not have been eating Chinese food last weekend 😉 and had one of those darn fortune cookies. I didn’t eat it, but I did pull out my fortune (because who doesn’t read those things) and this is what I found inside:

“Aim high, life is short”

Kind of cliché at first reading, but I really got to thinking about it and life really is short. I’m still wondering how we are suddenly at the end of August and just a few months away from the end of 2016. The older I get the faster it all seems to happen.  I remember during high school thinking summer would never get there and now I am begging for a few more hours in the day, and a few more days in the week.

I think it’s easy to assume you will have time to do that ‘thing’ later, tomorrow, next year, when the bank account looks better, when you finally fit into size whatever, but sadly, the longer you wait the further you get away from having the time to do that ‘thing.’

I do think there is cause to think things through some times and to give due diligence before making big, important decisions, but there is also a need to ‘aim high’ because life is short. Days slip away all the time.

So this week I want you to aim high. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy. Maybe just spend some extra time with your spouse or kiddos, even if it means not getting something done for work. Try a class in something you have been interested in for a while. Meet someone new. Whatever it is, don’t wait anymore…do it!

Let’s continue to make this ‘The Year of Outstanding.’