Who are you accountable to? Does anyone know your goals? Does anyone know what you are struggling with? Have you shared your dreams with anyone? The easiest and worst thing you can do is to set goals and then not tell anyone. It makes it easier to run away from them when you don’t achieve them, or when they become too hard. If no one knows, then you are only letting down yourself.

Imagine if you shared your goals with someone, though. Imagine the support they could provide and help when things get tough. The reality is, most people (and they shouldn’t be in your circle if they are not these people) want to cheer you on and help you reach your dreams.

You’ll reach your goals through helps like accountability sessions, Kick Start, small groups, or anything where you are accountable to something or someone other than yourself. It’s ok to be a little nervous about it. Learn to be ok with being accountable to someone else. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what it will do to help you reach your goals.

There is still time to register for the Kick Start that starts this Friday. You can register here. We want everyone to get their accountability sessions as well this month, so if you haven’t heard from your coach yet please let me know!

Making 2017 our best year yet!