We are big believers in results. In fact we are such big believers, one of our core values is: Driven by Continuous Results! But results can vary. Results can come in many shapes and forms. Having completed our Kick Start program and just working with so many of you, I know the scale is a big part of how a lot of you see results. I watch many of you weighing multiple times a week. Everyone has to do what is right for them, but I really want to encourage you to step away from the scale. Well, at least step away from getting on the scale so often.

There is a reason we generally only weigh once a month. The body fluctuates so much during the course of a month you are likely driving yourself crazy seeing those numbers go up and down all the time. We do measure weekly during the challenge for accountability, but really, once a month is ideal for most people on a regular health and fitness program.

Aside from driving yourself crazy, the scale doesn’t tell the whole picture. As you lose body fat and increase your lean muscle mass, the scale numbers might not change dramatically but your size and shape are changing and that is WAY more important. Having more lean muscle mass on you means you burn more calories and it is much easier to keep the weight off. Have you ever done a zillion hours of cardio and lost weight but as soon as you are not doing all that cardio you gained it back? That’s because you didn’t have the lean muscle mass to keep it off.

Next time you get discouraged about the scale numbers, step back and really evaluate your true results. Are you able to run faster? Do your clothes feel looser? Can you finally do a pull-up? Those are all just as important (and I would argue more) then scale numbers. Use your scale to keep you accountable but use all the changes in your body and how it performs as a better way of assessing results.

Making 2017 our best year yet!