Generally, when people tell me they are not having any success or struggling to move the numbers of the scale, there are only a few factors that are in play (there are exceptions but this is the general rule):

  1. Bad/poor nutrition
  2. Not moving enough
  3. Hormonal issues/stress levels
  4. Dehydrated?
  5. Sleep

The one I want to address today is one that most people ignore or don’t think plays that significant of a role and that is sleep. Your body NEEDS sleep. Please don’t be disillusioned that you can get away with multiple nights of no or little sleep. Not only will it hinder your productivity and ability to engage, it will slow your entire metabolism down.

The body is always seeking to protect itself. So if the body detects that it is not getting what it needs (food, sleep, water), it slows the system down to conserve energy. It knows it needs to keep functioning but it also knows that if it slows everything down, it will have more in the tank to use in case of emergency.

So if you miss a couple hours of sleep one night, your body doesn’t get the rest and recovery it needs. This triggers your body to slow everything down (including your metabolism) so it can keep functioning over the long haul. You do this multiple nights and your body will just keep conserving energy.

Ever notice that when you are sleep deprived you eat more? Your body is trying to get what it needs to keep moving along. I cannot stress how important sleep is. It really can be the make or break of you ultimately reaching your goals.

Now I get that fixing sleep patterns is not the easiest thing to do. I have had many bouts with this. I want to encourage you to at last start the process, though. Even if it’s just going to bed fifteen minutes earlier or committing to getting a twenty-minute nap in the middle of the day. Give your body what it needs and it will thank you!

Making 2017 our best year yet!