As a Houston Personal Trainer, staying motivated can be challenging sometimes. We all have the best intentions, but then your child or dog gets sick, you have to stay late at work one night, or you have a fight with your significant other. At this point, the glass of wine seems far more appealing than your scheduled cardio class or early morning small group sessions.


So how do you stay motivated when life seems to be asking to you not to?


Glad you asked… 🙂


Here are a few pointers to help you stay motivated and accomplish your goals:

  1. Be very specific about your goals. If you don’t have a clear goal you will be derailed at any moment. It’s much easier to stick to getting a run in when you know you are getting ready for a 5k, than it is to just say you have to get more cardio in.


  1. Communicate to someone else. This holds you accountable. It can be scary to tell someone else your goals, but ultimately that accountability is what will keep you focused when distractions come up.


  1. Be realistic about time, energy, resources and bandwidth. I remember having a pretty lofty goal a few years back around my fitness and as a Houston Personal Trainer . I realized pretty quickly that while it was a great goal it meant I would have turn all my focus on it, which meant limited focus on my business and my social network. I lost motivation quickIy because I wasn’t willing to isolate my focus like that for that particular goal.


  1. Be willing to reflect, revamp and change your goals to stay motivated. Instead of beating yourself up for not doing something or doing something you shouldn’t have done, reflect on why it happened and make the changes you need to and forge ahead.


Staying motivated is not about feeling on top of the world all the time or easily turning down the chips and salsa. It’s about making a consistent effort to make the right decisions ultimately bringing you closer and closer to your goals. As a Houston Personal Trainer, I have tons of goals for myself and my clients! Holding each other accountable on a daily basis has helped us stay motivated and in turn we’ve achieved some of our personal/fitness goals.


What motivates you? Comment below:


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