As a personal trainer in Houston, people ask me all the time what the hardest part of staying fit and healthy is and my number one answer is always nutrition.

I would love to tell you that 13 years into this all I crave is broccoli and baked chicken, but alas I still love french fries and could eat my weight in pizza (I don’t but I could).

I still have seasons where it’s a daily choice to eat clean and other seasons where it’s automatic, but both are seasons.

Over the last 13 years I’ve learned a few staples that keep me on track, and I wanted to share them with you in hopes they can help you make the best nutritional sound decisions.


  1. Track your food….even if it’s bad food.There is something automatic that happens when we track our food. We become much more aware of what we are consuming and even if we are consuming bad food we limit our consumption vs. when we free style it and don’t keep track. If you are struggling with your nutrition, as a personal trainer in Houston, I would tell you to track before I would give you any advice on what to eat, when to eat or how much to eat. Become a mindful eater and you will be surprised at how it will change your behaviors.


  1. Seek accountability.Do you know why we have the Kick Start Program (formally called the Take Down Challenge)? Because it’s making you accountable for what you eat. Just like the tracking, when you start to bring accountability into your eating you will automatically start making better decisions without having to follow a strict diet plan. One rolls into the other.


  1. Meal prep….meal prep….meal prep!I 110% believe this is the only reason I am not the size of a house. Seriously! As a personal trainer in Houston, I have been putting together my meals for the last 13 years and it’s what keeps me on track. I know what I am going to eat. I don’t have to give it a lot of thought, which means I am less likely to make poor decisions. There has only been a handful of times where because of traveling or a wild hair day that I haven’t meal prepped and it always ends in disaster…and french fries…and more disaster and more french fries.


We still have 8 months of this year left and that is still plenty of time to reach your goals. If you are struggling with your nutrition I want you do a few things…


  1. Start tracking your food. Use a good ‘ol pen and paper or try something like


  1. Sign-up for the Spring Kick Start Program that kicks off May 12. This is going to give you that accountability you need.


  1. Decide on a day of the week where you can start to spend some time putting together your meals. If you have struggled with this in the past and need some help making it as efficient as possible let me know.


Let’s make 2017 the year we finally got a handle on our nutrition for the long haul!


Making 2017 our best year yet!