I recently heard a podcast on a show called The Art of Charm titled ‘Creative Avoidance’. The essence of the show was how we creatively avoid something and by doing so we are making harder and harder to do the actual thing each time we have the chance to do so.


The example they used on the podcast was if you owned your own business and each Monday you got a networking invite, but you creatively found a way you couldn’t attend the networking event even though you knew you needed to. Each Monday that email came up, your creative avoidance made it harder to accept the invite.


Am I the only one who can relate to this? As a personal trainer in Houston, I find myself always creatively avoiding things I know I need to do.


Ever said any of these:


I know I need to get my cardio in but I need to finish this project at work, home, etc and I’ll do it next time.


I know I need to stretch more but I really need to get home and I’ll do it next time.


I know I need to schedule my accountability session but I know my numbers probably aren’t good, I’ll do it next time.


I know I need…..fill in blank…..but…..fill in blank…..I’ll do it next time.


What are you creatively avoiding? What do you know you need to do in your personal or professional life that you are putting off?


Pick just one thing today and decide you are going to finally do it this week. Schedule it, plan it, and execute it.


As a personal trainer in Houston, I am constantly putting things off due to my busy schedule.


Let’s stop creatively avoiding things TODAY!


Making 2017 our best year yet!