I was speaking with someone during an accountability session last week and this person had reached their lowest weight they had ever been since starting with us at Body3 more than 3 years ago. This person joked it only took them 3 years to get there.


Our conversation got me thinking about timelines and goals and 3 years is actually a great time to reach a goal. It means you went through the trials and errors of figuring it all out. You stumbled a few times. You thought you finally had it figured out, only to binge for the next week. You won a challenge and then gained the weight back. You were finally getting all your workouts and cardio in and suffered from an injury.


But you kept going….


I wish I could tell you that once you lock in the disciple and lose some weight it’s all upward sailing from there. I am finding even in my own life as a Personal Trainer in Houston, I am having to refocus. What was so easy for me so many years ago has changed dramatically when I tore my hamstring last year. Now, I have to watch my nutrition better. I have to stretch more. I have to listen to my body when it doesn’t want to do something.


What I will tell you is the only reason you or I will ever reach a goal now, next month or next year is accountability. As a Personal Trainer in Houston, I even have a coach. I just met with my coach this past Tuesday and did my measurements. We test often and are constantly reassessing. This is the only way I know I will stick to my goals and ultimately get to them.


I have seen tons of accountability sessions on the schedule, but I know there are some of you who are slipping under the radar. Please don’t wait to get your accountability session in. It truly can be a time to restart, refocus and realign with the help of a coach who wants to see you succeed. Accountability over the long haul will get you to your destination.


Onward and upward my friends!



Making 2017 our best year yet!