One of the most common excuses I hear for why people won’t commit to an exercise plan is because they don’t have time.


People don’t have time to improve their health?
People don’t have time to have better energy?
People don’t have time to add quality years to their lives?

Yet I see plenty of time for Facebook, for going out to eat, and for wasting away in front of the boob tube (as my father calls it).

When someone is sitting in front of me in my office, suffering from lack of motivation, having no energy because of the multiple pills they take a day, in tears because they’re not happy with their lives . . . then tells me they don’t have 45 minutes a day to devote to exercise, I feel like giving that person a swift kick in the behind.

Yet what did it take for that person to get where they’re at? Add up all the time waiting in doctor’s offices, at the pharmacy, or even sick time from work, then add in the amount of money they spend eating out or buying junk food, and the time it takes to go to the restaurant or drive thru, the gas it takes . . . EASILY it’s more money and more time then it takes to exercise and get back into shape.

So if you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, “Yeah, I really need to do something about this gut hanging over my pants,” (I was there once too) but you’re afraid of the time it’ll take . . . trust me, you’re spending a lot more time with the things you shouldn’t be doing anyway.

And if you have money left over in your flexible spending account, our program may qualify as a supervised nutrition and exercise program if prescribed by your doctor. Just ask!

This past weekend our Get Fit Stay Fit Challengers and Take Down Challengers got together here at the gym for a celebration of their accomplishments.

Peter Johns lost a total of 21 pounds in 28 days . . . pretty freaking incredible, so much more than I thought possible. He found the time to do it!

Linda Guillary lost 9 inches all around her body and she has arthritis, a bad back, and is 58 years old . . . she found time to eat right and do what she could with exercise!

Tom Ludwig lost 35% of his body fat in 8 weeks. He found the time to do it while having a very demanding job and a family!

Donna Griggs lost 8 inches all over her body too; she found the time!

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